Room details

* Opposite side from Lake
There is also an open-air bath for guests to enjoy any time they please. This room is also recommended for guests who want to enjoy a bit of seclusion and privacy.

Number of rooms: 27 rooms
Room capacity: 2 guests 
Area: 23.1 m2
Bed width: 1,050 mm, 2 beds

Amenities: TV, phone, refrigerator, water boiler, air cleaner, dryer, jewelry tray, tea set, bidet toilet, deodorization spray, safe Personal items and toiletries: Samue, toothbrush and toothpaste, body soap, hair conditioner, shampoo, hand soap, shaving razors, bath towels, face towels, Japanese-style socks, bath washcloths, hairbands, hair brushes, cotton swabs, skincare set (milky essence, lotion, face wash, cleansing gel)

* Please note that the baths in the rooms at this hotel do not dispense hot spring water. 
Max guests 2
Bed type(s) 2 single beds
Room size 23.1 m²