Terms of Use

At Hakone Ashinoko HANAORI (hereinafter referred to as "the Hotel"), we have established general terms and conditions for accommodation as follows. We ask that all guests observe these terms and conditions in order to enjoy a safe and comfortable stay. If guests fail to observe these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to refuse accommodation or use of all facilities of the Hotel. In addition, please note that if any damages result from a failure to observe the terms and conditions, the Hotel cannot be held liable for any damages whatsoever.

Article 1: Matters that apply to all guests

1. Regarding the use of hotel facilities
(1) Smoking in areas that are prone to fires, or in any area outside of the designated smoking areas is prohibited.
(2) The use of electrical appliances for heating or cooking in the Hotel is prohibited.
(3) We reserve the right to refuse any guest who shows clear symptoms of infectious diseases.
(4) Do not displace or change the state of any of the equipment or fixtures without first consulting with the Hotel.
(5) If any damage, loss, or contamination of the building, furniture, equipment, or other objects occur due to any cause except in cases deemed inevitable, the guest may be required to reimburse the Hotel for damages.
(6) Do not place any objects on the windowsill that will negatively impact the outer appearance of the Hotel.
(7) If any photographs taken at the Hotel are made public for business purposes without the permission of the Hotel, the Hotel may take legal measures.
(8) Evacuation routes are shown in designated places around the Hotel. Please make sure to confirm them.
(9) For the services we offer at the Hotel, we charge a service charge of 10%, aside from the required taxes. In addition, we refuse any tips offered to staff members.
(10) Lost articles will be handled according to laws and regulations. (However, guests staying at the Hotel will be subject to Article 16 Items 2 and 3 of the general terms and conditions for accommodation.)
(11) If guests encounter any suspicious persons within the premises, we ask that they report it to the reception desk.

2. Forbidden items
Do not bring items that fall under the following descriptions into the Hotel.
(1) Animals or any creature considered a pet (excluding certain service dogs, such as guide dogs )
(2) Items that give off a strong or offensive odor
(3) Items of a considerable amount that the Hotel deems could potentially obstruct the operation of the Hotel
(4) Gunpowder, gasoline, or other items that are prone to catch fire
(5) Firearms, swords, narcotics, or other items prohibited by law
(6) Other items that pose a threat to the safety of other guests

3. Regarding organized crime groups, members of such groups, and any acts that threaten to violate public order
(1) The Hotel reserves the right to refuse guests who fall under the following descriptions. (If these facts are revealed after reservation is complete or during their stay, the Hotel will refuse service at the moment of discovery.)
A. A member of an organized crime group, under Article 2-2 of Law on Preventing Unreasonable Conduct by Organized Crime Groups (Code 77 issued in 1991), an associate member of an organized crime group, or any other affiliated party, under Article 2-6 of said law
B. A member of a corporate body or any other organization whose operations are under the direction of an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group
C. A member of a corporate body whose executive staff includes a member of an organized crime group
(2) The Hotel reserves the right to immediately refuse accommodation to guests who act in violent, threatening, extorsive, coercive, unreasonably demanding, or in any other similar way. We also reserve the right to refuse accommodation to guests who have acted in such manners in the past.
(3) The Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to guests who show signs of mental or physical debility, loss of self-awareness due to medication or other factors, is in any way seen as incapable of securing their own safety, or cause other guests to feel danger, fear, or unease.
(4) The Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to guests who speak in exceedingly loud voices, sing loudly, cause excessive noise in any way, cause unpleasant feelings in other guests, gamble, or are deemed liable to conduct themselves in ways that will violate public order or good morals while in the premises of the Hotel.
(5) The Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to guests who act in manners that are similar to the descriptions stated above.

Article 2: Matters that apply only to guests staying in the Hotel

1. Regarding the use of the guest rooms
(1) Do not use the guest rooms without the permission of the Hotel, or for purposes other than lodging and dining.
(2) Use the lobby for when meeting visitors.
(3) The Hotel refuses accommodation for underaged guests who are unaccompanied without the permission of their parent or guardian.
(4) Do not exit the guest room to the hall or anywhere else while only wearing underwear or otherwise inappropriately dressed.
(5) Keep the guest room doors locked during your stay, especially while sleeping.
(6) Deposit all cash, precious metals, or any other valuables at the reception desk when staying at the Hotel.

2. Regarding payment
(1) As a general rule, we ask guests without reservations or those who reserve on the day of their stay for a security deposit.
(2) Please note that if you use the phone in the guest rooms, you will be charged additionally for usage fees.
(3) If you wish to change the number of days of your stay, please inform the staff at reception in advance. If you wish to extend your stay, you will be asked to pay for the nights you have stayed so far.
(4) If you receive a bill from the reception desk during your stay, please pay accordingly.
(5) Please make payments in currency or by traveler's check, coupon tickets, or credit cards that are accepted by the Hotel. Please note that we do not accept checks other than traveler's checks.
(6) If you wish to use the restaurant, lounge, or any other part of the Hotel using your signature, please present your room key or guest card.