Social Media Guidelines

ORIX Hotel Management Corporation Social Media Usage Guidelines (for Employees)
ORIX Hotel Management Corporation has established and will comply with the "ORIX Hotel Management Corporation Social Media Usage Guidelines" created for our employees (including executives, full-time employees, contract employees, part-time employees, and dispatched workers and subcontracted workers under our supervision) when they use social media (social networking sites, Twitter, blogs, chat forums, etc.) for work-related or personal purposes.

1. Awareness and responsibility of the effects of transmitting information through social media
(1) We understand that the internet is an open platform where a large, non-exclusive group of users exist, and when information is transmitted through the internet, any number of those users can access that information.
(2) We sufficiently understand that the information transmitted by any individual can potentially have a significant impact.
(3) When transmitting information, we will comply with the various regulation stipulated by law and by our company.
(4) We understand that any information transmitted is accurate at the time of transmission, and that it may change at a later time.
(5) We understand that liability with regard to the content of the transmitted information lies solely with the transmitter.

2. Our general stance on the use of social media
(1) We will listen carefully to statements made by others.
(2) We will transmit information and communicate in a responsible manner, and be careful not to make statements that could lead to misunderstanding.
(3) We will not transmit information about customers and business partners without their consent.
(4) We will not transmit content that contains personal information without prior consent.
(5) We understand that once information has been made public, it may be difficult to remove it completely.
(6) In case of disputes, we will not object emotionally to critical remarks, but will receive them earnestly.
(7) We will focus on working on our tasks during working hours, and make sure to fulfill our responsibilities.

3. Compliance with various laws and regulations
(1) We are committed to strict compliance with the law. We do not engage in activities that defame third parties through slander, or violate the rights of third parties in any way, including copyrights and publicity rights.
(2) We will cite sources for content transmitted by third parties, as well as for extracts of articles and other published materials.
(3) If it is necessary to reveal the fact that the account holder is an employee of our company, we will include a disclaimer in the profile or in another conspicuous field that the information being transmitted is not necessarily an official public statement made by the company, and that it does not reflect the official views of the company.
Example: The content of these posts is based on my own personal views, and is in no way representative of the views of my company or division. Thank you for your understanding.

4. Our customers, business partners, and all other users of social media
The content being posted on social media (social networking sites, Twitter, blogs, chat forums) by our employees is not necessarily representative of the official views of our company.
Thank you for your understanding.
All official views and information announced by our company are made available on our website.