Frequently Asked Questions

About your stay

• What kind of personal items are available in the guest rooms?
We have an array of personal items available for guests, including yukata (bathrobes), toothbrush and toothpaste, body soap, hair conditioner, shampoo, hand soap, shaving razors, bath towels, face towels, toiletry sets (milky essence, lotion, face wash, cleansing gel). Please see the guest room pages for details.

• What items do you have available for children?
We have personal items for children (toothbrushes, slippers, hand towels), as well as baby bathtubs, bed rails, baby beds, diaper disposal pots, and bed-wetting protection sheets.

• What yukata (bathrobe) sizes are available?
Yukata sizes
For adults
SS: 133 cm (length), applicable height: 143 to 150 cm
S: 138 cm (length), applicable height: 150 to 155 cm
M: 145 cm (length), applicable height: 155 to 165 cm
L: 152 cm (length), applicable height: 165 to 175 cm
LL: 160 cm (length), applicable height: 175 cm and above
For children
S: 75 cm (length), for toddlers
M: 95 cm (length), from six to nine years old
L: 110 cm (length), from ten to twelve years old
Sizes S to L are available in the guest rooms.
If you wish to change to a different size, please ask at the reception desk.
In the rooms, we prepare children's yukata in sizes according to their ages that you tell us when you make the reservation.

• When do cancellation fees begin to be charged?
Cancellation fees will be charged starting three days before your stay.
Three-day or two-day notice: 30%, previous day notice: 50%, on-the-day notice / no-show: 100%

• We want to celebrate a birthday. Do you offer any special accommodations?
We can make homemade cakes and flower bouquets (for a fee) for various occasions, including birthdays. Please contact us by phone for details.
Please note that we need to be notified in advance for preparations, as follows.
Cakes: Five days in advance, flower bouquets: three days in advance

•Are there any smoking rooms?
All rooms are non-smoking. If you smoke, please use the smoking room next to the reception counter.

•Can I pay using a credit card?
We accept American Express, VISA, Mastercard, UC, DC, JCB, Saison, and UnionPay.

•Can I walk around the resort premises in my yukata (bathrobe)?
Guests are welcome to walk around in their yukata, including in the restaurant.

•I left something there. Do you have a lost-and-found?
Please tell us your full name, the dates of your stay, and your room number at the time of inquiry. We keep lost items for one month after your stay. We dispose of food and drinks on the day you leave.

• Where are the guest rooms and the reservable baths located?
This resort is separated into two buildings: the common building / north building (Togen) and the south building (Kosui). The guest rooms are in the north building (Togen) and south building (Kosui). The reservable baths are located on the third floor of the north building (Togen).

About the hot springs

• What times are the shared baths open?
The shared baths are open from 3 p.m. to 12 midnight and from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., with the time slots alternating between men and women.

•Do you have lockers?
We have lockers with key locks.

• Are babies in diapers allowed to use the baths?
We do not allow babies who are still in diapers in the baths.
We provide baby bathtubs, so please use those.

• I have a tattoo. Can I use the baths?
We do not allow guests with tattoos to use the open-air baths.

• Can I take pictures in the baths?
We do not allow taking pictures in the baths. Photographing is allowed at the water terrace and other areas.

About this resort

• I can't search "Hanaori" on my car navigation system.
Unfortunately, since we are a new resort, car navigation systems do not recognize our name, address, or phone number. Please search for the name and phone number we list on the "Access" page. 

• How do I get there from Togendai?
From the Togendai Bus Terminal, proceed to the right with Lake Ashinoko to your back, and cross the pedestrian crossing on Prefectural Route 75. Then, proceed to the right and you will arrive at Hanaori. (About two minutes.) Please see the "Access" page for details. 

• Can I use mail delivery services?
You can use Yamato Transport for deliveries. Please ask at the reception desk. We also have cardboard boxes for deliveries (available for a fee).

• Do you have a luggage delivery service to the nearest train station?
We provide a delivery service (available for a fee) to Hakone-Yumoto Station. Please arrive at the reception desk by 10 a.m. Please pay the delivery fee once you arrive at Hakone-Yumoto Station.
You can pick up your luggage at the Hakone Carry Service counter located on the first floor of Hakone-Yumoto Station. (There are some items we cannot deliver. For details, please see the Hakone Carry Service website at

• Can I use internet in the resort?
We have free Wi-Fi within the resort premises. We do not rent out computers or tablet devices.

• Are snow chains needed in winter?
There are days in the period between December and March where we have snowfall. Please use snow tires or prepare snow chains.